Stocking time:

Normally orders can be shipped out within 2-15 working days. (The production of handicrafts is more complicated, thanks for your patience)

Shipping methods:

All orders will be shipped by the fastest and most economic carriers. They include but are not limited to: EUB, EMS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, S F Express, Sea etc.

Ship by EUB, delivery time is 7-25 business days.

Ship by EMS, delivery time is 7~15 business days.

Ship by Fedex /DHL / TNT / UPS / S F Express, delivery time is 5~15 business days.

Ship by sea is 30-50 business days.

Note: APO & PO address is not acceptable for Packages shipped by Commercial Methods. The cost of address change is borne by the customers.

Freight to main countries:
                             Package Size United States,  Oman Japan, North Korea, South Korea Canada, Western Europe, Mexico
Small Parcel (GW: 0kg–1.5kg) Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping
Medium Parcel (G.W: 1.5kg–2.5kg) USD$45 USD$20 USD$70
Medium Parcel (G.W: 2.5kg–3.5kg) USD$60 USD$35 USD$90
Medium Parcel (G.W: 3.5kg–4.5kg) USD$85 USD$40 USD$120
Medium Parcel (G.W: 4.5kg–5.5kg) USD$100 USD$50 USD$140
Medium Parcel (G.W: 5.5kg–6.5kg) USD$120 USD$70 USD$160
Medium Parcel (G.W: 6.5kg–9kg) USD$135 USD$90 USD$190
Oversized Package (V.W:  9KG-15KG) USD$150 USD$110 USD$220
Oversized Package (V.W:  15KG-20KG) USD$180 USD$130 USD$240
Oversized Package (V.W:  20KG-25KG) USD$220 USD$150 USD$280
Oversized Package (V.W:  25KG-30KG) USD$280 USD$170 USD$320
Oversized Package (V.W:  30KG-40KG) USD$320 USD$200 USD$360
Oversized Package (V.W:  40KG-50KG) USD$350 USD$230 USD$450
Oversized Package (V.W:  50KG-60KG) USD$400 USD$280 USD$490
Oversized Package (V.W:  60KG-70KG) USD$450 USD$330 USD$560
Oversized Package (V.W:  70KG-80KG) USD$600 USD$360 USD$650
Oversized Package (V.W:  80KG-90KG) USD$700 USD$500 USD$750
Oversized Package (V.W:  90KG-110KG) USD$900 USD$700 USD$950
Oversized Package (V.W:  110KG-150KG) USD$1200 USD$900 USD$1300
Oversized Package (V.W:  150KG-180KG) USD$1400 USD$1100 USD$1500
Oversized Package (V.W:  180KG-200KG) USD$1800 USD$1500 USD$1900



  1. The automatively counted freight for bulk orders may be unaccurate, please contact us for freight if you order at least two items shipped as oversized package
  2. Shipping & Handling charges subject to change without prior notification. If your country is not listed, please contact us for a shipping quote
  3. Tariffs are not included in the freight, customers are required to bear the tariffs. Please consult your local customs for the specific tariff amount